To those who wait


              "I think I will be on that plane if only I have the courtesy to

               take God at His Word. Nothing is ever impossible to God"    


The year was 1972 and with my youngest children, Oisin and Sheba , I sat patiently waiting at noon in Holyhead, North Wales, for a train which was to take us to London in exactly six hours and then to Heathrow, where we hoped to board the 10pm flight to Malta, when my husband Howard would be awaiting our arrival at Luqa.

  Already three hours late, the Welsh despondency was now getting really agitated and in a state of imminent mutiny when we were joined by three young ladies from Dublin, who sorely needed words of comfort.  Eventually, 4pm saw us seated in an open carriage and off we sped.

  "Of course there is no way you will catch that plane to Malta" they chorused, "In view of the fact that we will not get into London before 10pm."  "As a matter of fact " I answered, "I think I will be on that plane if only I have the courtesy to take God at His word. There are only two telephones in St. Paul's Bay as far as I know",  I told them, "and I have not got those numbers.  I cannot contact my husband and he will be weak with worry if we do not show up.  In this situation, I think God will not let us down.  As the Angel said to Mary, "Nothing is ever impossible to God". I have decided to grasp this reflection and with His help, I will not let it go".

  In this open carriage, I could see I had an audience, and my back was truly to the wall . "Do you really think God is going to work a miracle for you ?" one of them queried.  Sticking to my guns, I answered loudly and firmly  "Yes, I do", even though my tummy gave a series of sumersaults.

  We all fell silent and on sped our train.  Suddenly, a booming voice announced repeatedly: "We will soon reach Wolverhampton and all those travelling to X.X.X.X and X must then get off.  After that, this train will run non-stop to London.  You will find your appropriate connections at Wolverhampton.   We are running late.  It has to be non-stop to London.  Non-stop, non-stop..."


  I refrained from looking up from the book I was reading but my heart welled with wonder and joy.  A small voice beside me ventured: "Can you show me in that Gideon's Bible where that phrase exists ? " It was Luke 1:37, I assured her.

  Grasping my children and my luggage, the Dubliners raced with me for a taxi.  "Heathrow airport," I told the taxi driver, "for the 10pm plane, and don't spare the horses!" 

  As we rounded Hyde Park, the clock said 9.30pm and not one red light impeded our steady pace.  "We are for Malta I shouted towards the desk, please, please hold the plane.".

While we bounded up the steps, the men in blue prepared to remove the structure and a very dainty air hostess, in a very saucy 'Freddie Laker' red hat, gave us the widest smile in London Town. 

  Surely those words, from the mouth of an angel, are meant for all of us.

"There is only one real sadness in life, that of not being a saint".    

 ( Leon Bloy ) 


"Go to your friends and greet them,

Go to strangers and welcome them as friends,

Go to enemies and look for their peace.

What does the Lord require of you?

To act justly, to love mercy, to walk humbly with your God.

Go, then, in the peace of God and the God of all peace will be with you.

May the blessing of God rest upon you

And remain with you and all you meet, this day and forever."


Now, you will  'experience the peace which passeth all understanding.'


In difficult times, you should always keep something beautiful in your heart.     ( Blaise Pascal )


The phrase from Edith Piaf 'Je ne regrette rien'  is wonderful in its free and wild acceptance. ( John O'Donoghue )



Anita Kilbride-Jones.

St. Paul's Bay,Malta.


Oisin,Tara & Sheba 

Anita, Mark & Sheba at an Iosagan Party 


Daniel entertaining the clan.

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