The Spideog's Call


There's a verdant cove in Ireland friends / where the river Shannon flows.

And Saint Patrick built a cell there / so my father's story goes.

Of clay and wattels shamrocked / and a mass rock by the sea,

'T was shelter from atlantic waves / just a perfect sanctuary. 


They say he awoke at day-break / in response to a spideog's call,

And on his knees in silent prayer / this gentle soul would fall,

And as the sun stole o'er the plain / to the Good Lord then he pled,

That Irish folk the world o'er / would by God's Word be led.


So that is why an Irishman / what e'er his daily need, 

In chill mid-march will kneel and thank / Saint Patrick for his creed.

So if Irish eyes are smilin' guys / and the world is bright and gay,

From this Holy Muse it did emanate / whence came Saint Patrick's Day!

Mysticism is being touched by God in a way that is deeper than language, thought, imagination and feeling.  It's knowing God and ourselves beyond explicit thought and feeling.

Ruth Burrows.

In Christ there is no trace of darkness. His light shows up the darkness in us.  His truth shows up our lies.  His integrity shows up our falseness. His generosity shows up our selfishness. His peace shows up our conflicts.  His openness to others shows up how closed we are.  However, we should not be afraid of His light.   Rather, we should rejoice in it.  Compared to His light, other lights  are mere flares in the night or candles in the wind. Christ, radiant Light of the world, guide our steps in the way of truth and goodness, and lead us through the gloom of this world to the kingdom of unfailing light.   



 Anita Kilbride - Jones.


St, paul's bay, Malta.


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