" Where we sported and played."

 Anita Kilbride-Jones


 Born in the southwest of Ireland I was unbelievably fortunate in my middle thirties to experience a powerful  conversion to Christianity.    Hitherto, I had been a genial and carefree humanitarian who would readily help if help were needed, but it never occurred to me that by so doing, I was in fact, actually dealing with the Good Lord Himself. The reflection: 

"I tell you this:  Anything you do for one of my brothers here, however humble, you do for Me"  

(Matthew 25:40), 

 had made no impact on me whatsoever.   I was a fan of Jesus Christ but not a follower.   I knew  now, without a shadow of doubt, that the best definition of love was  TO WANT and TO TRY to do, ALWAYS, what is the best for the other person, and above all, that it had nothing to do with feelings.

Now on the threshold of fogetfulness - my years being in the yellow leaf - I am full of peace and joy.  It is time to nail down these stories, which will give you some idea, of how this vital tenet of the Gospel changed my life forever, and provided me with an undiminished zest for living, and this, by the copious power of God.

Lord, make the door of this house 'Iosagan' / wide enough to receive all who need human love and friendship / narrow enough to shut out all envy, pride and strife.

Make its threshold, smooth enough to be no stumbling block to children, or to straying feet / make this house a house of prayer for all people and a gateway to your Kingdom. 

 "Give me faith Lord, the faith to help others".  (Leo Tolstoy).

I am an EASTER person and my song will always be ALLELUIA.


 Young Daniel:   "My Grannie will be eighty years old in November.   She has blue eyes and blond hair and she rides everywhere on a red scooter..."

Eat your hearts out!   


Please pass on my stories! 

               Anita Kilbride - Jones




St Pauls Bay Malta



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