Michael , Andrea




           Maura Cilia. 


            How wonderful to meet three wise people who are prepared to

                      "Walk the second mile"

It has been well said that anyone, anywhere, any colour, any religion, any generation, any nationality, anytime, who does the Will of God, is blessed.  Jesus said:  

    " That person is my mother, my sister and my brother. " 

 Meeting such a person on one's journey through life is a huge gift from God.   This has just been my experience.   I met three -  Maura from London and Michael and Andrea from the town of Leek in England.   Maura, Irish by birth, has a heart which is bursting with love and generosity. From London, where she was accustomed to reading my modern-day parables, she dragged her very own computer to Malta and presented it to me as a gift.  

 It was through the enthusiastic and loving encouragement of Andrea and Michael that my stories are now on this Website.  Over the telephone, from his home, Michael's painstaking instructions and directions, incredible patience and infinite care, made this possible   " No, no Anita , not on your left , tip the blue on your right and do use the mouse..." and all this on my birthday on the Ist of November 2OO9 when finally, I reached the venerable age  of 8O.   Brought to mind a poem I heard in my youth - 'my hair is gray but not with years / nor grew it white in a single night /as men's have grown from sudden fears' - The Prisoner of Chillon by George Gordon Lord Byron. 

 How wonderful to meet three wise people who are prepared to ' walk the second mile! '    May they be thrice blessed!   

Anita Kilbride - Jones , 

Saint Paul's Bay, Malta.

Michael & Andrea.


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