Included in the price

   "Seek you first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and

                     everything else will be given to you"

Millicent Arno-Marmaro, a middle-aged ultra- respectable and languidly elegant lady, was the daughter of wealthy Maltese noble people, who during the war, had lost their money and possessions, and were forced to live out their days in a state of genteel poverty.    However, Millicent was somewhat saved from this fate by inheriting a legacy from a distant relative which brought her in the sum of seven pounds per week.   On this amount ,

she could live comfortably, but never extravagantly.     When the Museum of Fine Arts in Valletta ran an exhibition, she was determined to attend, but not to avail of the buffet which was to follow, thus living, as was her custom, well within her means.   Resplendent in fine old lace and family jewels, hers, was an impressve figure and, at this colourful and eclectic gathering, she held her head up high, despite the fact that she didn't have tuppence to rattle in her antique silver-mesh bag.    She was adamant in her refusal to partake of the splendid bounty which followed the proceedings, and her excuses for not having an appetite for food were legion.   The tables were simply groaning with rich dishes and as her friends circled her with generous plates and sparkling wine, poor Millicent's taste buds were working overtime and there was a gnawing pain in the pit of her tummy.    However, with a brave face ,she put on a master show and  had  "a really jolly time!".      Dear readers, I almost hestitate to complete the sad was only as she was about to leave, that accidently, she discovered the truth which was to haunt her eternally - the price of the meal was included in the fee which she had handed in, at the door.   It was ALL included in the ticket!     On the Day of Judgement we are told that we will be gathered around the throne of God.   Some of us will be bent-backed and worn out from the stresses and sorrows we had to endure during our journey through this life.  Many of us will have carried  a bag of rocks on our backs every step of the way.   We will have moaned, groaned and whimpered, grumbled and growled and none of this will have been necessary.   Why?    Because we paid no heed to The Word of God .    "Seek you first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and everything else will be given to you"   ( Matthew 6:33-34 )What an amazing promise!    The whole Bible, which is the Word of God, is full of such promises.    "For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord.  They  are plans for good and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.   In these days when you pray I will listen.  You will find Me, when you seek me, if you look for Me in earnest."( Jeremiah 29:II ).     Why not take the plunge and give Him your will completely, and you will experience ineffable  joy, great vitality  and the peace which  he promised " which passeth all understanding".    HE NEVER GOES BACK ON HIS PROMISES.   The choice is yours, and with His Help and Grace, one day you will discover that it was all included in your ticket!     (The glory of God is a person who is fully alive.) ( St . Irenaeus  2nd.cent.)

Anita Kilbride-Jones,

Saint Pauls Bay, Malta.




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